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Alaska Independent Blind
Office Address: 1102 W. International Airport Rd. Anchorage, AK 99518
Office Phone: (907) 563-2525
Toll Free 1-800-478-9998
Fax: (907) 562-5951

Website address www.blindaib.org

Alaska Independent Blind Mission:

To promote equal access of the blind and visually impaired to full participation in the community.

We are a Non-profit organization for the blind and visually impaired person (s) in the community. We are an organization formed by the blind for the blind. We are here to serve Alaska and many other parts of the country. Please browse our site for points of interest and contact us if you desire. Thank you for visiting. please also visit our partner site for information regarding our news service for the blind and visually impaired.  Please go to

Please visit A.I.R.R.E.S. for more information or to request an internet radio free of charge.

Please email us at staff@blindaib.org or aib@gci.net.

Webpage last updated in April 2013

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Blind Luck Lotto
Would You like to win some extra pocket money? Alaska Independent Blind is requesting players for its Blind Luck Lotto (a.k.a.Split the pot) pull tabs is a game held every 3 months year round, get your ticket now if you wish to play. The cost is $1 per ticket. How does this game work?

Alaska Independent Blind collects all monies earned from the game into a "pool".On the drawing date the winner is announced at Blind Luck Pull Tabs in Wasilla, Alaska. The winner is notified as soon as possible from the customers ticket receipt phone number. Alaska Independent Blind receives half of the pot as a charitable donation and the winner receives the other half. The bigger the pool the bigger the payout or the smaller the pool the smaller the payout. Its that simple. Please contact Alaska Independent Blind to request a ticket if you wish to play. All are welcome. Thanks for your participation. 
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